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6. října 2021

Academic Writing: Making your readers care, understand, and remember


As scientists, we must be able to communicate our work clearly, concisely, and effectively. Although we are expected to write publishable articles (in English), we are often not taught how to actually do this. This academic writing course will teach you not only how to formulate your thoughts in your writing, but how to analyze your own writing and view it from an outsider’s perspective. Developing this skill will be a critical step forward in your academic writing career because making your audience care about your work will help them better understand it and remember it.


This is a 5-part course (Monday, Friday, Monday, Friday, Monday) designed to help young researchers develop their academic writing skills by becoming more aware of how other people understand their written texts. By keeping the audience in mind, the relevance and comprehension of your writing should increase. There is no fee for participation in this course.

  • Learning outcomes: At the end of this course, students will

  • Understand the writing norms of scientific/academic English

  • Learn how to analyze their own writing on a deeper level

  • Become aware of how their ideas may be perceived by others

  • Recognize that analyzing written texts is just as important as producing written texts

  • Practice the revising process, keeping your audience in mind

Hours and sessions:

The course will be delivered over a total of 10 synchronous hours (5 Modules, 2 hours each, plus approximately 1 hour of asynchronous practice per module, totaling approximately 15 hours of student involvement) over a 3-week period. After the lessons, students will complete short practical exercises meant to reinforce the material from each lesson. Furthermore, the instructor will provide individualized feedback on written student tasks.


  • Module 1: Writing norms and how to adjust your writing style I

    2-hr synchronous workshop + 1-hr asynchronous practice (+feedback)

  • Module 2: How to adjust your writing style II

    2-hr synchronous workshop + 1-hr asynchronous practice (+feedback)

  • Module 3: Analyzing an introduction

    2-hr synchronous workshop + 1-hr asynchronous practice (+feedback)

  • Module 4: Analyzing a discussion

    2-hr synchronous workshop + 1-hr asynchronous practice (+feedback)

  • Module 5: A good title to catch their attention and a good abstract to keep it

    2-hr synchronous workshop + 1-hr asynchronous practice (+feedback)

Communication and Delivery:

All 5 sessions (dates and times below) are designed to be interactive, so please be prepared to have your cameras and microphones on while also being able to type in the chat. All 5 sessions will be conducted via Zoom using the following link.https://cesnet.zoom.us/j/98866031380

Monday, October 25, 13:00-15:00

Friday, October 29, 13:00-15:00

Monday, November 1, 13:00-15:00

Friday, November 5, 13:00-15:00

Monday, November 8, 13:00-15:00

Registration and communication:

If you want to take part in this course, please send an e-mail with the subject “API Academic Writing registration” to by October 17, 2021.

All coursework and communication outside of Zoom should be directed to the same e-mail address.

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