PhD Mondays at the Hybernská Campus

Do not hesitate, come and use the space in the Hybernská Campus for wirting your dissertation. In the centre of Prague, there is a quiet space for you, where you can write, study freely or just meet other colleagues.

How to create a scientific poster?

Creating a poster is one of the important disciplines of scientific work promotion. Come and find out about which method, which tools and which form you can choose.

You can bring data for preparing your poster.

26 April 2023

Teaching critical thinking through digital media literacy

The critical understanding and evaluation of online multimedia content has become a basic literacy skill. In this workshop we will analyse different types of fake news across platforms 

SYLFF Fellowship Program

SYLFF provides financial support to students of PhD programmes in the social sciences or humanities for writing their dissertations.

The amount of the fellowship is up to USD 12,500/year.

And don´t forget the deadline: 28th April 2023

Peer-Mentoring for everyone!

Peer-Mentoring for everyone!

If you would like to talk to someone about your experience in academia, or you would like to be this person for someone else, sign up for our peer-mentoring program. University members of any academic stage can participate.


Participation in conferences is a very important part of your studies. Here you can find more information about the upcoming conferences.

Psychological Counselling

We offer counselling in English, free of charge for all CU students and employees. Should you need our help to deal with your study, family, personal or other problems, you are welcome to come to our Counselling Centre for International Students.

Postdoctoral Hub

Starting academics, researchers and postdocs are vitally important for every research university. They are at the beginning of their research and academic careers and thus create an innovative environment of the university. Later on they can establish themselves as key academics or researchers.

Even parents can study successfully

Charles University tries to meet the needs of students who are parents with young children and create conditions enabling them to bring their study and parent duties in line.

There are two nursery schools run by the University and some faculties have children´s corners which can be used for short stays with children.

Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Here you can find a great variety of internships and study abroad.

You can go to short-term internship and it is also possible to complete your study abroad, receive an academic degree, and be a doctoral student at Charles University.Check the offer and take opportunities!

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Calendar of events and courses
March 2023

Survival Czech: Language Course for Total Beginners

13 March 2023 – 13 April 2023


Dobrý den! Are you a Ph.D. student wanting to learn the basics of the Czech language? Join our online language courses for beginners! This course will focus on introduction, shopping, eating and more.

Proofreading Service of Czech Texts

16 February 2023 – 31 December 2023


Are you meant to write an academic text in Czech and need clarification on the quality of your language? Try proofreading!

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