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Doctoral study programmes (Ph.D.) may be without exaggeration marked as the flagship of Charles University. The Latin expression “doctor” is derived from docere (to teach), or also possibly from doctus (learned), and since the beginnings of universities it has been used to mark the top academic level that can be achieved at a university. It is a once-ina-lifetime opportunity for both the professional and personal development of determined master's study graduates, because only a mature personality coming to a doctoral programme with their own knowledge capital and a clear target may make the most of this opportunity for further study. The implication is that successful doctoral candidates cease to be students in a figurative sense and begin to be seen as an integral part of the academic community.

If an applicant is a graduate from a foreign university, it is necessary to attach a certificate recognising the equivalence of the foreign university education and qualification in the Czech Republic to the application.

If an applicant has completed previous study abroad and has not yet received an official diploma documenting this fact, alternative documents establishing the proper completion of study shall be used.

The foreign study recognition procedure shall be commenced on the basis of a written request submitted by a graduate from a foreign university through the faculty of Charles University that realises the same or similar accredited study programme. The following documents shall be attached to the request:

  • A verified copy of the diploma or other adequate proof of completed studies, issued by the international university/college;

  • A verified copy of the list of examinations passed during the postgraduate studies, or of a diploma supplement, plus certified translations of both documents to the Czech language (the translation isn’t required if the original version is in English) authenticated translations of both documents into Czech (the translation is not required in the case the documents are in English);

  • A dissertation or doctoral thesis, or an abstract thereof, in Czech or English (no need for the certified translation). May be submitted in the electronic form. the power of attorney if the applicant is deputised by an authorised person;

  • List of citations and publications of the applicant, especially in impacted papers (or a professional CV focused on expert and research activities);

  • Letter of authorization, if the applicant is represented by a proxy (authorization template) – it’s recommended to include the phone/e-mail contact to the proxy in the application or the letter of authorization;

  • The university may also require additional information, e.g. that the study program was provided by an institution authorized to provide college education.

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