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The supervisor in a member of academic staff (Associate Professor, Professor or accomplished specialist), who with regard to the expertise at national and international level, personal integrity and moral qualities represents a guarantee of superior and proper supervision of the student. The supervisor shall also possess enough time availability to advise and consult the student. Each supervisor shall prove adequate knowledge of the valid internal regulations of the University.

The supervisor's work is essential for the doctoral study. The supervisor is responsible for the quality of the doctoral project (topic) and for expert supervision of the student.

A supervisor for the given student shall be appointed and dismissed by the Dean on the proposal of the Subject Area Board.

The scientific-research activity of the student may take place under the guidance of a supervisor who is not employed by Charles University

A supervisor may propose to the Subject Area Board that a advisor from among appropriate experts shall be appointed to supervise the student during a particular section or time period of Doctoral study due to the advisor's special expertise or methodical and technical possibilities

A supervisor shall supervise and provide guidance to the student, recommend specialised literature (resources), teach the student to be in the company of experts, to present the results of own research work to the public (soft skills), teach the student to raise funds to finance the projects, help him establish expert contacts at home and abroad and enter the international scientific community, pass their knowledge on to students and enable them to teach to a reasonable and suitable extent according to their approved individual study plans.

Supervisors of students who have graduated from doctoral programmes of study are to be paid a bonus under conditions stipulated by this Directive.

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