How to avoid and prevent plagiarism

Charles University aims to educate young scientists and academics who publish their achievements in the field of scientific knowledge.

Publishing activities are perceived in the academic community as very important and valuable for further advancement and development in a scientist's career. From this impulse, a collaboration of fifteen authors from public universities has produced material that presents in a concise, sometimes entertaining way, the important points to be observed.


1) How to Avoid Plagiarism, which was prepared by fifteen experts from eight public universities in the Czech Republic, aims to eradicate the aforementioned ignorance and become a useful and widely used tool that will advise students how not to slip up - and then not regret it.

2) How to prevent plagiarism in student work: the Handbook for Academics will in turn give teachers and lecturers tips on how to explain everything to students in a clear way and how to warn them about various pitfalls when writing school and thesis work.

In addition to copying in examinations, supervisors also encounter unethical practices in academic writing in higher education, the most obvious of which is plagiarism.

The aim of the text guides is to familiarize everyone with the current form and rules against plagiarism in particular.

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