• Kalendář akcí a kurzů pro doktorandy

Kalendář akcí a kurzů pro doktorandy

English for Academic Writing

The 9-hour program will teach you how to plan, organize, and write clear, well-structured, and accurate texts for publication. Realistic communicative activities will help you present your ideas with clarity and precision. The seminar is interactive and will include open discussion.

The program is designed for PhD students, Lecturers, Researchers and Postdocs at high Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels, who need to improve their written English skills in an academic context. The program will be run as 3 closed workshops, online in the platform Zoom, as 3 x 3-hour sessions (2 x 90 minutes with 15 minutes break between). Duly registered participants (in the Educational Portal) can obtain a Confirmation of Participation for more than half participation in the program (i.e., participation in two out of three meetings). The seminar is interactive (online) and will include open discussion, so functioning cameras and microphones for the meetings are necessary.

1. WORKSHOP (April 22, 2024 14:00-17:00, online)

We will look at what Academic English is and the structure of articles, focusing on abstract writing. We will explore the key points about abstracts, analyzing common errors and how to fix them. You will be asked to bring your own abstract - you will give and receive some feedback - and finally we will look at the first rule of the comma.

2. WORKSHOP (April 24, 2024 14:00-17:00, online)

We will look at communicating with a non-expert and focus on introduction writing - looking at paragraph structuring and analyzing the language/sentence structuring. We will also explore signposting and linking between sentences and paragraphs, being concise - reducing prepositional phrases and avoiding wordiness. Finally, we will look at the second and third rules of the comma.

3. WORKSHOP (April 29, 2024 14:00-17:00, online)

We will look at using plain English, how to write critically and use hedging. We will explore the conclusion section, thinking about titles and wrap up by looking at some further, helpful resources for writing.

Lecturer: Jason Hwang, B.Sc., BA, M.Ed.

Jason holds an MA in Education (Applied Linguists - 2014), the Cambridge Delta (2010), and a TEFL certificate (2005). He also obtained degrees in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and Theatre from the University of California, San Diego. He has taught at the Universities of Sheffield, Bristol, Edinburgh, CLASS, SUCHDOL, the Technical University of Liberec, and the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile, amongst others.

Začátek akce 22. dubna 2024 v 14:00
Konec akce 29. dubna 2024 v 17:00
Druh akce Kurzy, workshopy, semináře
Organizátor Odbor pro studium a záležitosti studentů
Email na organizátora ilona.smotlachova@ruk.cuni.cz
Místo konání akce Online
Cílová skupina Studenti PhD. programů
Rezervace https://vzdelavani.is.cuni.cz/simplifyworks/eoc/programs/1495430533
Vstupné Free
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