• Kalendář akcí a kurzů pro doktorandy

Kalendář akcí a kurzů pro doktorandy

WORKSHOP: How to create a scientific poster

This workshop will cover the basics of poster presentation. Different approaches to poster design will be discussed with particular focus on the "Better Poster" design principles LINK. We will also discuss the tools that can be used for creating posters. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss suitable ways of presentation, given their field of research and the nature of the data they work with. Participants are also encouraged to bring own posters or data and project notes experiment hands-on with the design principles that will be discussed during the workshop.


Mgr. Michal Láznička

More information about tutor:

I am interested in the description and analysis of grammatical structures and the ways in which frequency of use and similarity of form and/or function shape linguistic knowledge. I combine corpus linguistic and experimental methods to investigate these phenomena and I use Cognitive linguistics and Usage-based construction grammar as a framework that I find best suited to conceptualize, describe, and analyze them. I am particularly interested in the linguistic behavior of persons with aphasia and the benefits of applying the usage-based perspective on this data both for language therapy and general linguistic theory.

Where: Hybernska Kampus, 2D

Type of event: workshop

Date of event: 12 December 2022

Time: from 15:40 to 16:25.

Registration: the Educational Portal

Capacity: 16 participants

Organiser: RUK

Organiser's contact: jitka.rychnova@ruk.cuni.cz

Participants: The course is intended for Ph.D. students.

Začátek akce 12. prosince 2022 v 15:40
Konec akce 12. prosince 2022 v 16:25
Cílová skupina Akademická obec
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