Course providers

Courses and seminars that are offered to the doctoral students of Charles University are mainly provided by the departments of the Rector's Office and by the Faculties of Charles University.

CU Point

CU Point provides courses aimed directly for doctoral students HERE.

► It offers the opportunity to sign up for the Science slam competition, which aims to popularise research.

► CU Point providers you to take part in individual coaching for competitions completely free of charge.

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer offers hands-on project-based learning focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, science communication, AI and alternative careers

► It includes the UK Innovation Lab and activities within the Hyb4City Campus

► Full course offer HERE.

► Check out the CCPT website HERE.

Centre for Lifelong Learning

Centre for Lifelong Learning offers courses particularly for CU employees HERE

Cetral Library

Cetral Library offers seminars developing key competenceis for information literacy HERE.

Open Science Support Centre

European Center

European Center offers courses particularly for CU employees HERE.

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