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Graduation, Diplomas and Supplements


Graduation is a grand ceremony of Charles University with a graduate (bachelor, master, doctor), in which the graduate takes the academic oath (Latin) and receives a diploma from the promoter, which entitles to use academic titles.

The course of the graduation is laid down in the Regulations of Matriculation and Graduation Code. The graduation ceremony in its present ceremonial form takes place in the Great Hall of the Karolinum (Master's and Doctoral graduations) and uses the University insignia and ceremonial suits (gowns).

The current schedule of graduations and matriculations is available in the Study Information System.

Graduation of graduates of doctoral study programmes

Graduation ceremonies for doctoral study programmes are influenced by the number of graduates and are held both separately by faculty and jointly for several faculties. Joint graduations are arranged by the Study Department of the RUK on the basis of faculty submissions and are held twice a year - in May and November. Separate graduation ceremonies are organised by the respective faculty once or twice a year depending on the number of graduates.

All information on the course of the doctoral diploma ceremony is provided to the graduate in writing from the relevant faculty (from the science department or the study department).

A graduate of Charles University who is unable to attend or refuses to attend the graduation ceremony requests in writing to be excluded from the graduation ceremony, stating the reason for not attending the ceremony at the faculty. After the graduate receives information from the faculty that their university diploma is prepared, they should visit the university rector’s office (the Student Affairs Department - Doctoral Studies Office) to sign the graduate register (an ID card or passport is required). Based on the confirmation issued here, the graduate receives their university diploma from the faculty. Only a person who presents a power of attorney can represent the graduate. A supplement to the diploma is also issued to the graduate at the same time as the university diploma.

Power of Attorney Form

University diploma

A university diploma is a document of completion of a study programme in the relevant field of study. A university diploma bears the state emblem of the Czech Republic together with the designation of the relevant university and the academic degree awarded; it is usually issued by the university at an academic.

Since November 2019, the following can verify the conformity of a copy or a copy of a diploma with its original (vidimation): notaries, regional authorities, municipal authorities, district authorities, the holder of a postal licence and the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic.

The Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (“Dodatek k diplomu”) is issued pursuant to S. 57 of Act. N° 111/1998 Col., on higher education, centrally as an uniform output of the Information System of CU. It follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and the organizations UNESCO/CEPES and on the basis of empirical experience drawn from the recommendations of higher education institutions with expertise in this area. It describes the nature, level, content, context and status of the type of studies that were successfully completed, and as a result the qualification was acquired. The Supplement suitably adds to the basic certificate of qualification. It can be used for national and international purposes as a tool of facilitating the academic and professional acknowledgement and mobility. It is conceived as a factual document not making any value judgements or equivalence statements relating the education. The Diploma Supplement is issued as a bilingual document (Czech-English) automatically and free of charge to all graduates.

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