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10 September 2021


Typical attendees are the first and second year PhD students from biomedical programs.

The main aim of the two-week course is to inform the participants about the recent progress in the fields of molecular biology, genetics and biomedicine together with selected new biotechnology approaches.

The course is accredited (MPGS0034) at the Charles University.

Moire information here.

Time and place:

November 1st - November 12th, 2021 in the M. Hašek Lecture Hall of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IMG), Vídenská 1083, Praha 4 Krc


If you wish to attend the course, please fill-in an online registration form at the address: https://pokroky.img.cas.cz and pay the course fee before October 22, 2021.

Any questions concerning the registration and payments, please, send to

Organizers of the course:

Professor Jirí Jonák, M.D., D.Sc. and Professor Petr Svoboda, Ph.D.

Course fee: 2 900 CZK (incl. VAT / participant)

More information about the course, including transport and accommodation, can be found on the course website: https://pokroky.img.cas.cz/

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